Metallic coated strip

Metallic coated strip

The metallic coated products of BlueScope Steel Limited are generally described by a registered trade mark followed by a designation of the steel base and coating class as outlined in Australian Standard 1397:2001.

To protect steel products from oxidising, coatings have been developed to isolate the surface from the atmosphere and improve the steel's performance. Metals, such as zinc, give an added feature of sacrificial protection to areas where the steel base is exposed, such as cut edges, holes and scratches. A zinc & aluminium alloy coating combines the best features of both aluminium and zinc coatings.

The continuous hot-dip metallic coating lines operated by BlueScope Steel Australia produce a range of zinc-coated and zinc and aluminium coated steel sheet and strip products to meet the requirements of manufacturers in Australia.

Each coating type and coating mass delivers specific benefits to particular applications.

See individual product data sheets for more details about each product in the range.

Watch our video to see how metallic coated steel is made.